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PATHS Students Are Making Their Mark

PATHS Students Are Making Their Mark     

     The new personalized learning program is well underway at Wheatland Center School.  PATHS Academy students have been engaged in many hands-on activities integrating science, Social Studies, ELA, Arts and Technology.  PATHS Academy brought 2 teams to MSOE on Saturday, January 21, 2017 for the Future City Competition.  The Future City Competition is a rigorous project where groups dream up what a city will be like 100 years into the future using engineering concepts throughout 5 deliverables over the course of the challenge.  Groups began in September using the Engineering Design Process and Project Management Cycle to create a Virtual City using SimCity, write an essay on this year’s theme of Public Spaces, make a Project Plan, create a model of their Future City to scale, and do a presentation in front of 5 judges.

     PATHS students spent the day answering engineering and design questions about their city’s infrastructure and their model.  Hawkaloon City and Scenic City represented PATHS and Wheatland well with their ideas of Wireless Energy Transfer, Mountain Snow Harvesting, hydroponic gardens, innovative transportation systems, creative conversions of public spaces, phytoremediation, and Thermal Desorption to rid a brownfield of pollution in order to convert it to a public space.  Hawkaloon came away from the competition with the “Rookie of the Year” award from the StemForward organization.  Their team consisted of 5 students; Emily Lein, Erin Gasser, Kort Visocnik, Hailey Luedtke, and Alyssa Cox.  Both teams were led by teacher Kandi Horton and mentored by Vince Mosca.


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