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WCS Students Have Worked Published

Wheatland Students Have Work Published

Wheatland Center School recently participated in the Southern Lakes Anthology writing contest.  The title of this year’s anthology is “Action!”  Eighteen of Wheatland’s students had their writing or artwork chosen for publication.  Student work is judged on creativity/originality, technical skill, clarity of message, and overall quality.  

The students who had their work chosen for publication will have the opportunity to attend a reception at UW-Whitewater in May.  Each student will receive a copy of the anthology.  Congratulations to all students that participated in this contest.

Students that had their work selected for publication include:


Grade Name                                       Category               Title

3       Ruby Hart                                   Art                         Swan Lake

3       Grace Snyder                             Poetry                   Beach

4       *Brooke Mason                          Poetry                   Always Recycle

4       Elise Williamson                         Art                         A Peaceful Drink

4       Safyire Guthrie                           Poetry                    Only Earth We Have      

4       Elizabeth Nickolette                   Illus. Writing         Sun and Rain

          and Jessica Roynon

5       Chloe Lois                                   Poetry                     Travel

6       Kianna Weis                                Cartoon                   A Race to the Finish

7       Carly Lois and Grace Curran    Illus. Writing           Page to Page

7       Jessica Dorobek                          Poetry                     It’s Your Choice

8       Shane Petersen                           Cartoon                   Rolling Coal

8       Abby Horton                                 Art                            Utopia

8       Anna Carroll                                Poetry                       To Smile

8       *Abigail Henry                             Art                             Overcoming Thorns

8       Sydney Laitamaki                       Illus. Writing               Patience

8       Jalyn Warren                               Poetry                        Act, Show, Prove:  Poem For Two Voices

*In addition to having their work selected and published in the anthology, two Wheatland students received special recognition.  Abigail Henry’s artwork was selected to be on the back cover of the anthology, and Brooke Mason was chosen to read her poem aloud at the reception.